Cherlita Brenman, Sedona Massage Therapist Since 1984

Yoga Sessions

“While I work with people of all ages, my focus at this time in my life is to work with the baby boomers and beyond…”

Massage Therapy

“I meet each client where they are and tailor my session accordingly creating an experience that is safe, healing, and often transcendent.”

Workshops & Resources

“From infant massage classes to self help classes in Jin Shin Jyutsu, movement and yoga, my passion is teaching.”

NEW! – Movement for Life Sedona Yoga Video

Movement for Life

with Cherlita Brenman

Movement for Life is a gentle movement video series that targets every joint in the body and takes it through its range of motion; suitable for all, from those that are just beginning to take an interest in their health to those that would like to add some diversity to their fitness plan. The “kitchen sink,” “computer break” and “low back” stretches are short five minute series that can be done anytime of day. Remember as we grow older, the more we move, the more we get to move!


Sedona Best Yoga Video

SPECIAL: DVD purchases include instant access download too!


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