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Cherlita conducts private and semi-private yoga instruction in the privacy of your own home. Gentle effective instruction meeting you where you are and guiding you to better health, renewed mobility and energy.

Specializing in the baby boomer and beyond population, Cherlita understands the limitations and challenges that older people have. Her sincere desire is to assist people in their journey to fitness and health. She combines her extensive experience in massage, body and energy work, and her gift as a teacher to create a safe space for you to explore the amazing healing potential of a yoga practice.

If you are new to yoga, out of shape, recovering from inactivity, private instruction is the first step in your journey back to health. Cherlita’s knowledge and personal attention will greatly facilitate that journey.

Q What are the benefits of couples or small group yoga sessions?

A Working with couples or small groups means I give more attention to each and every one of you. Our bodies are all different and so your individual needs are different. I tune in to where you are physically and customize an approach that makes sense in the long run. Sometimes joining a large yoga class can be intimidating, and often the instructor will not have time to work with each person individually.

Q How do you work with your clients? What is your approach?

A I really function like a personal fitness trainer bringing in yoga and different body work modalities. My years of experience as a massage therapist allows me to really get at the issues and create a new possibility for flexibility, strength and overall wellness. I have many yoga postures and other body strengthening and flexibility postures that I can draw upon that I have been developed over decades.

Q Why do you prefer working with baby boomers?

A I happen to be one and am very familiar with the aging process! And I know what’s possible if we get moving. And I see what can go wrong if we don’t move. For us boomers we are either getting weaker every day by doing nothing or we are getting stronger every day by moving, doing yoga and other easy-to-learn movement and strengthening routines.

Q I have lower back pain and some knee issues from time to time. Will yoga help?

A Absolutely. Yoga is said to be the fountain of youth! There are always solutions for improving, strengthening and creating more flexibility for any just about any physical challenge or discomfort. That’s why one-on-one, couples or small group sessions are so beneficial. I can give a lot of personal attention after an initial assessment and put together a program that will address all those concerns.

Q How long will I have to do yoga to feel fit, strong and flexible?

A Once we work together and you get into a rhythm and routine, ideally moving every day will produce optimal well being. It’s a lifestyle change and ideally, a lifetime commitment. And after some practice your body will love it, expect it and will not be happy if you don’t move everyday! All you need is a minimum of just 20 minutes a day to feel alive and fantastic! And it’s fun!

Q Do you subscribe to “no pain, no gain?”

A No! I believe that we should never strain or push past that point of pain is not a good idea. I teach about listening to your body and respecting where you are. Yoga is not about efforting, grunting or groaning! It’s about taking your body to that point and letting go… and remembering to breathe!
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