Massage Therapy

 Services provided by Cherlita include:

  • Transformational body and energy therapies
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu– an energetic healing modality based on meridian flow therapy.
  • Structural Integration– a structural Integration also known as connective tissue work this work is deep, specific and satisfying, resulting in improved posture, body awareness and elimination of chronic pain.
  • Cranial-sacral work—A subtle light touch modality working with the cranial-sacral flow.
  • Swedish massage—The granddaddy of all massage work, deep, flowing, sensual, relaxing
  • Hot stone therapy—The use of hot and cold stones to enhance the massage experience, allowing the client to sink deeper and relax more completely
  • Prenatal massage—Tailoring the massage for pregnant woman

Other Services by Cherlita…

  • Yoga on the Rocks: vortex hikes and nature excursions in beautiful Sedona with transformational ceremony supporting the releasing of old patterns and habits

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