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Meet Cherlita

You could say that long time Sedona resident Cheryl Cherlita Brenman is in the moving business. Moving the body that is. Cherlita uniquely combines decades of experience as a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor and exercise coach. She is an artful healer, working in the health field for over 30 years.

Cherlita knows how the body works, where it gets stressed, blocked, how specific stretching exercises and time tested yoga postures can transform our bodies… gently, over time with no groaning, heavy breathing or pain. She has seen it all and brings a wealth of wisdom to her work.

Feeling stiff and not so flexible, thinking that it’s natural… especially for boomers or seniors? It doesn’t have to be that way. We are not programmed for stiffness and spiraling down energetically or physically. But we have to move! And move intelligently, nurturing and feeding our bodies with energy, blood flow and flexibility.


It is my greatest joy to share my knowledge and healing gifts with all people who are interested, and to assist those in attaining a more active, healthy lifestyle. While I work with people of all ages, my primary focus is working with the baby boomers and beyond.
It is no secret that the older we get, the more time we need to spend taking care of ourselves, and that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound a cure.” All studies show that people who exercise and move are healthier, happier, manage their stress levels and just plain feel better. There are all sorts of exercise. I focus on the practice of yoga, which includes exercise, but reaches deeper into the psyche.

The word “yoga” actually means the union of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga has been around for many, many centuries.  It is for everyone, not just flexible, fit young people. In fact, as we age, it is a powerful, yet gentle way to support our good health.

The practice of yoga is a lifestyle; it is a discipline whose results reward anyone with good health, a joyous heart and a more flexible, stronger body. It is a practice, that we can take with us into our 70s, 80s and beyond. I am here to assist you to do just that.

Cherlita loves to work with couples and small groups. Each body is different and attention needs to be paid to each person’s specific issues, challenges and concerns. Cherlita is gifted at knowing how to work with each individual, at the right pace to maximize strength and flexibility and to minimize any injury.

Cherlita is a graduate of the Mueller College of Holistic Health in San Diego, California. She has maintained a private practice in Sedona, Arizona since 1984, often commenting that she was the first massage therapist to be in the Sedona phonebook! Cherlita is on the faculty of the Sedona Massage School and has taught many students locally who are now professional massage therapists.

Please contact Cherlita to set up a time to explore how you, your spouse/partner or small group might benefit from her programs.

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