Success Stories

Body Work

“Cherlita brings experience, sensitivity, and profound abilities to her work as a massage therapist. Her hands are wonderful instruments of healing, release and relaxation. Her unique therapeutic touch and intuitive sense allows me to completely relax, let go and release. Cherlita tunes in as she applies her wonderful skills, feeling into what is most needed in the moment. Cherlita is a restorative balm; a gifted and talented therapist. You will leave her table feeling incredibly relaxed, renewed and more in touch with your body and soul!”

Veronica Vida MA

Expressive Art Therapist

“Cherlita has accumulated so much knowledge and experience over many years, and it shows in the healing power of her touch. Her work is therapeutic and nurturing, I highly recommend her.”

Bridget Van Block

Yoga Teacher, Educator

“When I lived on the East Coast, I enjoyed the monthly benefit of a good massage. Now I live in Sedona where massage therapy is synonymous with our mystical town. After treatments with various professionals, I went to Cherlita and have been totally transformed and enlightened as to what a massage is really about. She incorporates her vast knowledge of the body, her yoga teachings, and a blending of mind and spirit. For me, I will be returning as often as possible to the best massage therapist in Sedona.”

Linda Brecher

Body Work Client


“I have been taking yoga classes with Cherlita for several years now and can honestly say that she is one of my favorite yoga teachers! Cherlita is always mindful of what is best for her students and pays close attention to form, breathing, and alignment. She works hard to provide her yogis and yoginis with a rich, balanced, and fun yoga experience. It is clear that she is passionate about yoga, and the students benefit!”

Frieda Metwally

Yoga Student

“Cherlita has a solid background in massage and healing. Adding yoga to her repertoire of spiritual and physical healing make her yoga teachings a complete therapy for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Not only does she make us challenge ourselves, she also continually challenges herself to bring new dimensions to yoga practice. My body, mind, and spirit.
Thank you, Cherlita!”

Munir Metwally

Yoga Student

“Whether it’s on the massage table or a yoga class or a class in the healing arts, Cherlita has the gift of holding a strong, loving, wise presence. I hold Cherlita in very high esteem for her expertise and her open, loving Heart.”

Yana Harmsworth

Yoga Student


“Wonderful class! Lots of hands-on demos and practice make the class especially useful. I will begin integrating what I’ve learned in my massages immediately. Cherlita is knowledgeable, articulate, approachable and fun.”

Deanna S.

Workshop Student

“I enjoyed the balance between stretching exercises and table work, and Cherlita’s enthusiasim for anatomy. Excellent course. Thank you!”

Devon L.

Workshop Student

“Cherlita focuses on anatomy which inspires a deeper confidence to “get in there.” She has an excellent teaching style: playful, interesting, and pertinent to an active massage practice. Thank you!
Her information was very helpful and practical. Very good use of time. I really learned a lot.”

Lyndsay B.

Workshop Student

“Cherlita’s workshop provided me a wonderful “two-day timeout” to focus on caring for myself through movement and meditation. Our group became closely knit as she introduced various ideas to rebalance our own inner chaos.  And besides it was a lot of fun! ”

Mary Lou

Workshop Student

“Jin Shin Jyutsu is an amazing modality.  I felt results right away, balancing energy and pain relief and plan to add it to my daily morning routine.  Cherlita is an amazing and enthusiastic instructor.  The class was relaxing and enjoyable!  I recommend it to massage therapists, medical professionals and lay people.”

Workshop Student


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