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It is no secret that the older we get, the more time we need to spend taking care of ourselves. All studies show, that those people who exercise and move, are healthier, happier, manage their stress levels and just plain feel better. There are all sorts of exercise: the practice of yoga includes exercise, but reaches deeper into the psyche.

The practice of Hatha Yoga (the practice of asana or posture) does not interfere, or conflict with any religious beliefs. It is a vehicle for one to sink deep into the resistance and holding areas of the body and to let go. How wonderful is that?

There is no grunting or efforting, only slow, conscious opening, meeting the body where it is and honoring what is happening. There is no self-judgment, only a gratitude of what the body can do. Yoga is for everyone, not just for flexible, fit young people.

One-on-one sessions, couples yoga or small group yoga sessions offer excellent, caring attention for each person so that everyone essentially is provided with a customized wellness program.  Group sessions can be arranged conveniently in private homes and offer the most appropriate attention and pacing for the group.

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